My Family and other animals - A celebration of the world's mammals.
Mammals have evolved into some fascinating forms throughout the world.

We have dolphins in the oceans, bears in the hills, bats in the sky and humans all over the place.

Photographing mammals is almost invariably pure joy as far as I am concerned. There is nothing I like better then to spend time observing them in the wild. Taking photographs is just the excuse I need to justify an indulgence in a pastime for which I have great passion.

Technically, they can be a bit tricky to capture on camera due to an elusive nature inherent of living beside the most dangerous mammal in the world; we humans.

Patience and understanding is needed if you are to infiltrate their domain and be accepted as a non threatening presence. It is this extra time and learning which drives me to study and attempt to photograph mammals at home in their natural habitat.


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