Our feathered friends - A celebration of all things avian.
Dinosaurs did not really vanish from the face of the earth; they just changed their form and took to the skies.

This collection of images represents my best attempts at capturing on camera those oh so beautiful but oh so fidgety creatures; the world's birds.

I applaud those photographers who specialize in this field of photography for I find the whole undertaking somewhat maddening. The topic invariably will pose magnificently until the very moment that the awkward tripod has been set up and the shutter is about to be pressed: - then it departs with a flurry of wings, eluding the frame or leaving nothing behind but blurry tracers.

I try, I really do, but by the end of the day I usually only have one or two passable shots; and that's only if I am extremely lucky. However, the pastime of actually observing these often splendid creatures in their natural environs is usually ample reward in itself. And so I keep trying and trying again for that ever elusive perfect shot.


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